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Kitsunes and the nine realms

In the beginning, there was only one land where magic foxes lived their lives peacefully. But there was a rumor, more like the hint of a rumor, passed on from generation to generation. It was about the existence of The Nine Realms and a map that disappeared centuries ago. No one knew for sure if there was any truth to the legend. That is until nine brave foxes gathered together to search for the truth.


The fellowship formed to cross all the known land in search of the ancient map. Each went their own way to search the furthest corners of the world. Each one was successful and returned with a strange item they found in their journey: an obsidian stone, a strange fish, a bamboo stick, a magic wand, an empty chemistry bottle, a weird plant, a cup with dark liquid inside, a piece of apple pie, and a very old map that couldn’t be read. When the nine objects were gathered in one location, they started to spin, and the fusion created an interdimensional portal floating in the air. All foxes were shocked but realized they had achieved what they set out to do.


Now all that was left, was to jump through the portal to see where it leads. And that’s what they did, one by one. Each one of them arrived in a different realm (including one who returned right where he started), they finally discovered the other eight realms! Once the foxes arrived, their fur color instantly changed, and they gained magical powers to match their new environment!



This is what we know about The Nine Realms:


Medieval Realm


This place is where our Kitsunes were born, a peaceful land covered by villages and medieval-themed castles. However, even if it looks like a normal world, the air is filled with magic! The land is filled with knights, kings, queens, warriors, and all the stuff of storybooks. All Kitsunes in this realm have ginger fur. It is a place full of myths and legends, some of them more curious than others. The ability to spin these wonderful tales is the magic that showed the kitsunes the road to all the other lands! The ruler of this realm is called Oscar and he’s the one who found the strange map!

Oscar Medieval png.png
winter concept11.png

The Icy Realm

As soon as our Kitsune, Mylo, arrived in this realm, his fur turned brilliant white, the magical powers allowing him to explore, despite the strong wind and sparkly snowflakes. Mylo gained the ability to freeze anything he desired. White kitsunes are immune to the cold, adapting them perfectly to the environment of the Icy Realm. 


In this realm of white and blue tones, even the trees are made of ice and grow like ordinary plants. Even the flowers and leaves are composed of ice. It creates an untouched and enchanting appearance. If you remain quiet and don’t scare them away, you may even spot ice birds, squirrels, and owls, all of which look they are made from blue or white glass.

winter concept11.png
Milo Ice.png

The Burning Realm

When Finn arrived in The Burning Realm, his fur immediately turned a deep shade of red and he gained the ability to control fire and lava. It’s a good thing too. You need to be able to stand the heat to live in The Burning Realm. Beyond that, a pair of sunglasses will keep you pretty comfortable here. 


Then the beauty of the land becomes apparent. The tall mountains are peppered with volcanoes that erupt regularly, producing much lava flows that fork like rivers throughout the realm. While it may seem intimidating at first, the landscape reveals a unique majesty that grows on the foxes who will live here.

Finn Burning.png

The Cherry Blossom Realm

Haru Cherry Blossom png.png

Even the air of the Cherry Blossom Realm is filled with a floral scent. Every branch of every tree is full of cherry flowers all year long. When our Kitsune, Haru, arrived, her fur instantly turned pink. She admired the skies that are perpetually shades of pink and lilac. When the wind catches the blossoms, it almost appears to be snowing, but new blossoms immediately replace the ones blown from the trees, creating the appearance of a beautiful paradise.


The Kitsune learned that in this realm, they could control the flower petals. It’s an amazing ability to use in a land filled with enchanting temples, pristine gardens, and majestic mountains. 


The Science Realm

Albert Science png.png

Don’t judge the science realm by its size. It is small but mighty and is filled with libraries and laboratories. When our kitsune, Albert, arrived, his fur instantly turned blue and was imbued with the ability to understand the many books and chemical compounds in the surrounding libraries and labs. This is the perfect realm for a curious kitsune who loves to learn and discover new things.


The Witches Realm

Constant twilight dominates the sky in the realm of witches. The magical atmosphere makes it seem like sunset at any time of day or night. Our kitsune, Hazel, found a small wood cottage that was far grander on the inside than it appeared from the outside. Now with purple fur, Hazel has explored the shocking number of rooms in the house, which were filled with books on history and magic along with more candles and brooms than seemed to make sense (unless a witch lived there, of course).


Fortunately, the home was completely empty, and everything was covered in a thick layer of dust. As our fox reached out for a broom to start sweeping, it suddenly sailed through the air to her hand. It looks like our fox is the witch now. 

Hazel Witch.png

The Garden Realm

When our Kitsune, Lily Lemongrass, arrived here, all she could see were very tall trees. The place resembled an endless jungle. But as she explored the place, she realized those were not trees, but gigantic plants! Wandering around, Lily looked at the sky. The sky was made of glass. The huge plants were climbing along the tall windows. This world was a huge greenhouse filled with all types of plants our kitsune had never seen before. Her fur became a light green, and she gained the power to control plants, making them grow rapidly or even bringing them back to life. 

Lily Lemongrass Garden png.png

The Gourmet Realm

When our Kitsune, Muffin, stepped out of the portal, he could immediately smell fresh apple pie – his favorite! This place reminded him a lot of his homeland, but something was different… the houses were made of gingerbread! The trees had delicious dishes on their branches instead of flowers, and our kitsune discovered types of food he had never tried before. As he was exploring this land, his fur turned yellow. Muffin found a kitchen in one of the gingerbread houses. It contained all the needed ingredients, so without thinking too much, he prepared the tastiest apple pie in the world! That was her new power – everything he cooks tastes heavenly!

Muffin Gourmet.png

The City Realm

Upon arrival, our kitsune, Spicy, turned an odd gray color. Spicy’s tail immediately became striped, and a pair of sunglasses appeared. Surrounded by tall buildings and weird machines, our kitsune quickly learned to enjoy an odd black liquid that was sold in a cup in nearly every store. They called it coffee. Every street and building seems to cry out for as many foxes as possible to come live in this mysterious realm.

Spicy City.png
Image by Elia Pellegrini

They are rare, so rare...

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